Advertising is not a dirty word!

The Drum Advertising Awards is the award scheme that will identify the best, most creative and innovative work in the industry.

Many advertising people think that they are not really in advertising at all. It’s almost as if the term has become a dirty word. However, we believe that being in advertising should be a source of real pride.

Winning one of these awards would guarantee you a huge profile. The event is part of The Drum, one of the largest marketing platforms in the world. That is why if you win, everyone will know about it.

The million-plus unique readers who consume The Drum every month are hungry for award information which gives them insights into the best work, companies and people.

That is why amazing brands like Netflix, UNICEF and Lynx compete.

It’s simple. By rewarding agencies and brands who are producing exciting and innovative work, you will be recognised for the very best work and send a signal to the community that advertising has a fundamental role to play in building businesses, brands and creating jobs.

These awards are open globally to creatives who are producing the best, most creative and innovative work in the advertising.

Awards Ceremony: 29 November, Postal Museum, London